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Welcome to Glamping León Dormido

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Welcome to Glamping León Dormido! Our glamping is located in the impressive Andes mountain range, just in front of the majestic Nevado del Ruiz. Enjoy the natural beauty that surrounds us while you relax in our comfortable cabins or in our hostel. We also invite you to explore the surroundings and try our delicious dishes in the restaurant. We hope you enjoy your stay here!

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Are you looking for a unique and delicious experience? We have something for you! In our restaurant, you can enjoy a variety of dishes and drinks that will leave you wanting more. From vegetarian options to meat dishes, we have something to suit all tastes. Come and try our menu in a relaxing and cozy atmosphere surrounded by the natural beauty of Glamping León Dormido. We will wait for you!

Tips to start the adventure

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Before you immerse yourself in the natural beauty we have to offer, follow our essential tips for a worry-free stay. From preventing altitude sickness to tips for exploring your surroundings, we provide you with the keys to making the most of your experience.

Conéctate con Nosotros y Sigue Nuestras Aventuras

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Join us on our social networks to immerse yourself even more in the unique experience of Glamping León Dormido! Connect with us on Facebook and Instagram, where we share exciting moments, breathtaking views, and exclusive details from our gem in the mountains. Share your photos with this hashtag #GlampingLeonSleep to highlight your moments on the networks and connect with other lovers of adventure and nature.

Explore around

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Enjoy excellent views, sunrises and sunsets, the majestic Nevado del Ruiz volcano and our common areas such as the extreme swing, the campfire and picnic area, the restaurant and the meshes to relax. In addition, hire motorcycle or ATV tours to explore the glamping surroundings, visiting places like the abandoned house, frailejones forests, waterfalls, and lagoons. Live a unique experience in contact with nature!

How to Get to Glamping León Dormido

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Find us on the road to Los Nevados National Park, La Tribuna, Villamaría, Caldas. Follow our directions and you will easily reach this oasis of tranquility and adventure.

Reserva Ahora y Vívelo por Ti Mismo

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Glamping León Dormido, your exclusive destination in the impressive Andes mountain range, right in front of the majestic Nevado del Ruiz. Immerse yourself in the natural beauty that surrounds us while enjoying the comfort of our cabins and our cozy hostel. We are committed to providing you with an unforgettable stay, fusing luxury with nature so you can relax and enjoy every moment.

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