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Experience the Magic of the Bonfire Area

Immerse yourself in the warm and enchanting atmosphere of our bonfire area at Glamping León Dormido. Amidst the breathtaking beauty of the Andes mountain range and the majestic Nevado del Ruiz, we invite you to live a unique experience under the starry sky.

Zona de fogata del Glamping León Dormido
Zona de fogata del Glamping León Dormido

Unforgettable Encounters around the Fire

The bonfire area at Glamping León Dormido is much more than just a space to warm up. It's a place where memories are woven between laughter, shared stories, and the mesmerizing dance of flames. Imagine gathering with your friends and family, surrounded by the serenity of nature, while the crackling of the fire accompanies every moment.

A Night to Remember

Are you planning a romantic dinner under the stars or simply wish to share cherished moments with your loved ones? Our bonfire area is the perfect setting for that. Let the intimate and welcoming atmosphere envelop you as you enjoy the company of those you cherish.

A Stage of Natural Beauty

There's nothing like gazing upon the grandeur of the landscape while you cozy up by the fire. From the bonfire area at Glamping León Dormido, you'll delight in breathtaking views of the surroundings. Whether you're enjoying a spectacular sunrise or marveling at the calm of the night, each moment will be unforgettable.

Don't Miss this Opportunity

Come and join us at the bonfire area of Glamping León Dormido. Let the warmth of the fire and the magic of the surroundings transform your evenings into unforgettable moments. We assure you that each visit will be an adventure for the soul, full of connection, nature, and the unmatched charm of being under the starry sky amidst the Andes mountain range.

At Glamping León Dormido, we await you to create unforgettable memories around our bonfire area. Don't miss the chance to live this unique experience!

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